Code Gaess and its movie Lelouch of the resurrection: Where to watch, plot and major updtaes!

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If you love anime, then why don’t give “Code Gaess” a try, if you have already watched code Gaess, then you already know the league in which this Anime stands at and will get how amazing this Manga series is. 

If you haven’t watched code Gaess yet, then what are you waiting for? Just go to the link given here, download and watch this masterpiece for no cost:

What is the “Code Geass” all about?

The story revolves around Lelouch, a prince of Britannia who stays in Japan hiding from the world. As his goal is to kill his father and get his revenge for him abandoning Lelouch and his sister Nunnaly. 

With the power of Gaess given to Lelouch, the mastermind criminal then starts his journey of revenge. All of this was just to take revenge for the assassination of his mother.

Throughout the show, Lelouch discovers more people involved in his mother’s assassination, he goes on to kill them too and everyone involved with the assassination, even if he has to overthrow the kingdom of Britannia. 

Review of “Code Geass”:

During the start of the anime, we can witness the high IQ of Lelouch and his mastery in strategy making. He takes years to initiate his plan into action at the perfect time. 

Soon in the story, we get to see CC, an immortal god type girl who gives Lelouch a Gaess, a supernatural eye which can give command to a person with just a look into their eyes and they will obey it no matter what. 

Lelouch then starts his quest of journey with his Gaess. 

He meets certain people who already have the Gaess which is quite stronger than his and he also had to kill a certain people who didn’t have any link with his mother’s assassination.

The season 1 of “Code Geass” is the narrative of a good guy turning into a reprobate, bit by bit. From the start, Lelouch appears to be a legend, or maybe a “screw-up”.

We can then see Lelouch walking down the steps of evilness bit by bit.

To get more about what happened to Lelouch, you definitely should watch the series. 

Code Geass: Lelouch of the resurrection.

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In the movie, we can see that after Lelouch’s death, his body was resurrected by his corpse through CC by the process of construction, she replaces the damages body parts after Shirley bring Lelouch’s dead body to Jeremiah’s place. 

Lelouch gets to live his live without his memories and is totally reliable on CC for his condition. Hope that Lelouch gets well soon. 

Till then, just stay tuned and hit the bell icon to get more fresh updates.


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