Conan O’Brien leaves TBS for HBO Max.

Conan O'Brien leaves TBS for HBO Max.
Conan O'Brien leaves TBS for HBO Max.

If you are a late-night talk show watcher then you are obviously accustomed to the name of Conan O’Brien. Yes, a very popular face, hosting late-night talk shows for more than three decades now. 

He started his cable TV carrier with the Tonight Show on NBC, then moved on to TBS in 2010. his shows covered a whole range of things from celebrity interviews, political monologues to comedy bits.

He hosts his own show and also films a travel special known as Conan without Borders. This show will continue to be on air on TVS after Conan ends. 

The sad news is, Conan announced that the last episode of his show Conan will air on TBS in June 2021. After this, team Coco will move on to HBO Max.

Conan O'Brien leaves TBS for HBO Max.
Conan O’Brien leaves TBS for HBO Max.

Conan expressed that he is extremely happy to follow the best advice of a carrier, put forward by Johnny Carson to get to a streaming platform. He was thankful he got the opportunity to do it through HBO Max and said that he is looking forward to a free subscription.

TBS fans are pretty disappointed according to them, Conan’s unique brand of energy was relatable in absurdist visions of life and the charm of his late-night comedies kept entertaining the world throughout these years and now they will be missing it!

Quiet Relevant! We will be missing him on TBS too. Isn’t that so?

We wish him luck on his new journey!


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