Contestant Chloe Burrows of Love Island answers the comment “out of context.

Source: The Sun

Chloe Burrows, the competitor on Love Island, responded to the dispute over whether she was a married guy. Before she had entered the town, the 25-year-old found herself in a press frenzy when she wrote that she was “part of a married guy” in her introductory video of ITV2.

In the video, she saw a chuckle when, while she knows that he has a wife and a child, she admits she is “drunk calling” a man “most weekends.” In a recent interview with media channels, Chloe responded to the question and suggested that she had an “affair” with the man she was married.

“I had no business. I believe it was taken out of context, “She said. “I’ve met someone at work, and they were amazing in my feelings. And I found out then that he had married and had children, and then I had him thrown as I was, ‘What the hell?’ It wasn’t a business, then. But yes. But yes. That’s what it’s been.”

Source: The Sun

“He was married, I didn’t know. Not like yes, give me a married man. Give me a married man. Not at all. I don’t want a married man. I don’t want that married man. I don’t want anybody else to fancy a boy.” There is also some truth to tweets refuted by Burrows, who claimed to be the married man’s daughter.

She denies that she was the personal assistant to the unknown man. She said: “I wasn’t a PA ever. Who this chick, I don’t know… And now she’s supposedly gone privately, and nobody can see her. I was not a PA.”

On Monday, 28 June, Love Island is returned to ITV2 and reached via the ITV Hub.

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