Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi, and Miguel Gracia Moreno are the teen drama series Control Z. It’s a Mexican TV series that broadcasts in Spanish upon its inception. A total of 16 episodes were produced in each of the show’s two seasons. Netflix will debut the show on May 22, 2020. That same year, the show’s second season began on August 4. After the sources announced its renewal on May 29, 2020, the programme was extended for an additional year. Alejandro Lozano is in charge of the direction. Teenage hacker student from Colegio Nacional exposes the secrets of another student during a school assembly in “Hacker Girl.”

The student is believed to be a transgender person who has not yet come out. Students’ secrets are revealed by the hacker, who continues to hack. College students in Colegio county are affected by this. Sofia Herrera, an introverted high school student, sets out on a mission to find the hacker. A lot of questions remain unanswered after Season 2, and we’re eagerly awaiting the third season. Shortly, we should be able to witness our hopes come true. Surely, Control Z’s third season will be announced soon.

Netflix hasn’t officially announced Season 3 of the show, but fans worldwide are expecting it soon. After 15 months, based on past release dates for the first and second seasons, the second season was released in 2013. As a result, we can expect the third season to debut in 2022 or later. The third season of Control Z is likely to bring drama, mystery, and suspense.

We observed that the second season picks up precisely where the first left off in the first season. The hacker is shown preparing to reveal students’ secrets and identities. Season one announces Luis’ death and the vengeance that follows. It is simple for most of us to relate to the second season’s plot because we all know that teenagers and high school students confront similar concerns.

Therefore, the third season will showcase the pupils’ reactions to their former principal’s death. Quintanilla’s return to the show is now more likely. As a result of the last murder, the pupils may have to face the court and judges to get justice. These plot possibilities suggest that the third season of Control Z will be a smackdown for the franchise.



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