“Coronation Street” Street Ben Price hints at Nick’s involvement in shock drugs storyline

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If you are a fan of the British TV series, “Coronation Street”, then you must be knowing that it focuses on different social traumas in its every series of episodes, it is currently focussing on the story of dealing with drugs, featuring Leanne Battersby and Simon Barlow. 

They both are working for Harvey, who is the villain of the series. 


The storyline of “Coronation Street” is going to take a big turn this coming week. But according to the rumor and sources, we got to know that it is going to feature Nick Tilsley too. If you are confused about how we know it, then in an interview, Ben Price stated.

What did Ben Price state?

Ben Price said, “Character of Nick is going to give an interesting climax to the story. Nick is a drug addict and coping up with many things at the same time but he is the one who loves his parents a lot. This is the character of Nick.”

“Peter is the one who elopes from his situation a lot. David is the opposite. And this is where Nick gets in. He is shown very strong. The life of Nick is very messy but his character will show how to get through it.”

Apart from that, he also said that “The character of Nick wants to give stability to Leanne. But it becomes somewhat tough for Simon to deal with. Especially now, when she is a mother now.”

Here is the list of best moments of Nick Tilseley if you want to know more about him and his character- 

Something more about “Coronation Street”:

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Directed by Tony Warren, “Coronation Street” dropped down its episode 1 on 9th December 1960. Since then, it has completed almost about 10,230 episodes. The series is based on an imaginary town which is located in Salford.

“Coronation Street” airs from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. If you want to see previous episodes, you can download them from- https://www.itv.com/hub/coronation-street/1a0694 

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