Coronation Streets Confirms Tragic Downward Spiral for Nina Lucas

Source: Digital Spy

Nina Lucas will be in a difficult situation next week as she tries to cope with Seb Franklin’s tragic death by turning to alcohol. Nina believes Asha Alahan will admit she can’t stop bribing herself after Seb’s funeral for what happened to Seb and Corey Brent’s gang.

Billy Mayhew and Roy Cropper encourage Nina to talk to the summer spellman about her feelings, as summer has struggled to eat and sleep since Seb died. Nina, desperate for relief, snaps at the summer, revealing the magnitude of her own loss. During the summer, it is in a bad mood.

While Dev Alahan is distracted, Nina calls into the corner shop and steals a bottle of vodka. Nina suggests that they all share an alcoholic beverage that she drank with Summer in order to effect change. Nina, obviously inebriated, cuts herself up. Nina’s friends try to assist her, but she refuses to leave Summer and Asha. Nina sips the last of the bottle in the ginnel, hoping to drown her sorrows – will she be okay?

Source: Digital Spy

“We’re going to see a vulnerable Nina pushing herself to the limit and genuinely self-destructing – with disastrous results,” she predicts.

The audience’s hearts have broken since her and Seb were traumatised by the heinous attack. As a result, Nina’s identity and her broken Abi (Sally Carman) were blamed, prompting Nina to abandon her entire identity, including make-up and outfitting. However, we can confirm that things are about to spiral out of control, putting Nina in danger of death as her disintegration worsens.

Roy Cropper (David Neilson) and Nina’s friends will notice warning signs that she is in danger. However, as she refuses to accept assistance, her well-being improves. Can Nina survive the ordeal brought on by anger, grief, and trauma, and will anyone step in to help? Or will she become lost in the void? Nina will appear next week in scenes where Seb’s murderer, Corey Brent (Maximus Evans), is found dead after falling down the stairs.

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