Coronation Street’s Johnny Connor risks his secret by accusing Scott Emberton of stealing



  • Johnny Connor and Scott Emberton had committed a big crime three decades ago.
  • Johnny risks his secret by accusing his friend of stealing from Dev’s shop.
  • Later, Dev tells that the culprits got arrested by cops.
  • Will Scott take revenge and tell Jenny about Johnny’s past, or will he forgive him?

Inside Story

If you are a Coronation Street fan, then you might be familiar with the contents of this series. For the last few years, the families have hidden many secrets.

From frauds to murders, viewers know their every secret. Now, fans have seen another twist in the series. Momentarily it looks like the character’s world is about to turn upside down when they find secret from their past.

According to the sources, Johnny Connor is ready to take any risk by accusing his old friend of stealing. In August, the series showcased that thirty years before, Johnny Connor and Scott Emberton committed a crime together. Johnny let his friend go down for it. The duo did not talk much about the crime they committed all those years ago.

However, the eagle-eyed viewers found some specifics and insight about their crime. In one of the scenes, viewers saw Johnny asking Scott if he still thinks about what happened to the security guard. The moment Johnny questioned, Scott ended the conversation immediately. He also responded to Johnny that they were young during those days.

According to the sources, an hour-long episode will release on October 9, on Friday. In that episode, Dev will talk about someone entered his shop and robbed all the cigarettes and alcohol.

Scott’s face appears in Johnny’s mind, and he becomes suspicious because he saw Scott getting cash from Emma. Later on, he decides to meet Scott and confront him about the recent incident.

He accuses Scott of stealing, but Scott explains that he got his money in advance. However, Johnny is still not convinced and still thinks Scott is the thief. Later on, Dev tells him that the cops have taken the robbers under custody. Then, Johnny forcefully apologizes to Scott for doubting him.

Final Words

What do you think will happen next? Will Scott forgive Johnny and be friends again? Or will he plot revenge and reveal his old friend’s secret crime to Jenny? Return to our website to know what happens next. Also, don’t miss out on Coronation Street on ITV on October 9 at 7.30 pm.


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