Coronation Street’s Todd Grimshaw hatches new plan to keep Paul and Billy apart

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Todd Grimshaw of Coronation Street is always up to his old tricks, after splitting Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman last month. 

Todd starts to doubt himself in later episodes, despite previously feeling secure in his ability to carry out his devious scheme to break up Billy and Paul’s relationship.

Summer Spellman’s implication that Billy still has feelings for his ex Paul will set off his new scheme in scenes set to air next week. Todd, clearly influenced by Summer’s theory, devises yet another scheme to hold the two apart.

Todd persuades Paul to join him for a few drinks, but once they arrive at the bar, Todd is eager to introduce Paul to a guy he met on a dating site.

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Fortunately for Todd, newcomer Jimmi doesn’t take long to start flirting with Paul, and Todd is delighted to see yet another of his schemes come to fruition. Todd leaves the pair to talk while dreaming up a crisis at home that allows him to return.

Todd takes great pleasure later, back at The Rovers, in telling Billy how he’d just left Paul having a great time in town with Jimmi. Can this get Billy and Todd closer together, as he hopes? 

The future will say…

These scenes will air on ITV’s Coronation Street on Friday, March 26 at 7.30 p.m.


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