Could deaths be more pathetic than the ones shown in Slashers?


Slashers are the ultimate destinations of thrill, chill, and horror.

And what’s more horrifying than some of the grueling and vile deaths that put the soul out of your body?

And when a movie takes this concept too seriously it becomes the most baffling thing for the viewers.

Here are the nine top critical deaths are shown in the Slasher film that gave it the exuberant spine-chilling effect. Russo and I give you all an account of it.

Okay so let’s get started. 

The first one in the list is the most brutal body cutting scenes of all. Terrifier’s murderous clown appears to be an actual killer who is in love with the extremes of brutality. He has the ability to use a Hacksaw to saw a woman and do more of these sorts of brutalities.

Next in the list, though not a psycho is Jason Vorhees who has some supernatural powers. It happened in 13th Part VIII, Jason took over Julius and used his famous ‘Rope a dope’ strategy and with a single punch, the man’s head was clearly seen flying into a dumpster.

The third is the Burning, though it does not give us too much of a horror essence, the audience gets a ridiculous death sequence.

Fourth is a bloody death in the list, it is Glen’s death in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Audiences are still in the thought of how Freddy manages to pull Glen’s body into the mattress?

Some of the other deaths in the list include, scream- Cat Flap’s rough death which includes a household object to watch the death with; next is how Leprechaun enlarges a woman’s breasts, lips and butt using hid demented magic. And all of this happens because the girl wanted to be young again.

Another instinct is killing somebody in an over-the-top way, and this is what happened in Jeepers Creepers 2, where after decapitating a person, the headless body stood there swinging around with the arms.

The last two terrifying deaths have been that of Chucky in Child’s Play 2 where Chucky was doused in scalding hot plastic and smoldering mess. And the last one is in Halloween 4 where Michael Myers uses a shotgun and his supernatural powers to wield his killing stick.

Could deaths ever be more terrifying?

Do tell us buddies.



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