Crash Landing On you season 2: All Leaks And News, Release Date? , Cast? , What About The Plot?


“Crash Landing On You” is a television series from South Korea. The Korean series is created by Studio Dragon franchise. Crash Landing On You is a show with a clear context of some erratic things to happen. On tvN, the show was the first premiered in South Korea and on 14th December 2019 on Netflix worldwide with several dubbed dialects. 

The first season of this show received massive positive reviews and appreciation from the viewers and critics. The show is directed by Lee Jeong – Hyo, and no doubt the show is now top-rated South Korean show.

The show revolves around the love story of Yoon Se – Ri, an inheritor in South Korea, due to some casualty she reaches North Korea and where she encounters a North Korean army officer Ri Jeong – Hyeok, and from here the love story began.

Ultimately, when Ri Jeong – Hyeok realizes that Yoon Se – Ri is from South Korea, he puts up with upon himself to safeguard Yoon Se – Ri and keep her safe from any causality.We glimpse that both of them steering through tough situations together and finally falling in love with each other, we can see this when the show progresses further.

Season 2: Release Date

Till now, the show-makers haven’t announced any renewal of the show for its second season yet. But after examining the massive vogue of the show after it’s the first season, we can foresee a second sequel soon.

Since the last season just arrived this year only and ended on 16th February 2020. Therefore, it may take a while for the show-makers to start the production of its second sequel.

There might be more delay due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. This outbreak has propelled it tough for the recreation industry worldwide to film or to release anything fresh for the globe.

Crash Landing On you season 2: All Leaks And News, Release Date? , Cast? , What About The Plot?

Season 2: Cast

In the second sequel we can anticipate all the main cast returning back to the show, the main cast includes-

Hyun BinSon Ye-jin

Kim Jung – Hyun

Park Hyoung – Soo

Hwang Woo – Seul – Hye

Go Kyu – Pil

Lim Chul – Soo

Bang Eun – jin

Tang Joonsang

Ha Seok – jin 

Kim Yeong – min

Choi Dae – hoon

Soe Ji – Hye

Nam Kyung – up

Yoon Jimin

Oh – man – seok 

Expected Storyline-

As of now, the exact storyline of the second sequel cannot be predicted, Although we can foresee the love story of Ri Jeong – Hyeok and Yoon Se – Ri were striding ahead despite their geographical distance which is separated by a country line. It will be amusing to watch how both the personalities narrow down their discrepancies and proceed further with their romantic love story.

For more update about the series, stay tuned with us.



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