Crash Landing on You Season 2 – Love’s Emergency Landing


Hearty welcome to all the lovers of Korean series. I am here to tell you about the third best South Korean TV drama series named as Crash Landing on You. It is a romantic and dramatic series directed by Lee Jung-hyo. It aired on tv one  one of the channels of South Korea on December 14,2019 and becomes highest rated series.

Post release of season 1 of Netflix, it gained the huge popularity which encouraged the team of crash landing season 2 renewal.Keeping in mind t curiosity of watching the show once again, we are here to refresh you memory of season 1 to get more connected with season 2. Check out below:

Designing of the Storyline

This is basically a story of two star-crossed lovers who incidentally met each other in North Korean part. Girl named Yoon Se-ri who is an heiress, is paragliding in Seoul and swept up in a sudden storm and falls down where he met Ri Jeong-hyeok who is a Captain of North Korean Special Police Force. Over time love grows between them and boy take the responsibility that he will take the girl to her home in South Korea. According to rotten tomatoes its first season with a bunch of 16 episodes had earned great ratings with positive reviews such as 4.5/5 and now its time for the second season which will also loved by all. 

Now let’s check out the updates about the upcoming season

Crash Landing on You Season 2 – Love’s Emergency Landing


Most of the characters of this series will reprise their role with beautiful and fabulous acting. The main characters will definitely reprise and melt our hearts.                               Some of them are;                                                                                     

Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong-hyoek who plays a role of Captain in Army               

Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri who plays a role of South Korean chaebol       

Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung-joon who plays a role of intelligent, charming with British citizenship                                                                               

Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan who plays the role of Ri Jeong-hyoek’s fiancée.   

Storyline and Release Updates 

News is out about the airing of season 2 and makers also finalized the place for shooting of second season. Fans are gushing, and very excited to watch its next season. This time we will see the romantic relationship between the two lovers their bond and will girl return to her hometown or not. Basically, this whole series are based on the relationship between North and South Korea. However, stories are that release of the crashing season will take little longer and no official date has yet been fixed.

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