Crazy Rich Asians is an American romantic film of 2018. This romantic comedy was directed by Jon.M.Chu and the story written by Peter Chiarelli is based on a novel by Kevin Kwan. The Story is all about a professor who travels to meets the family of her boyfriend and is surprised when she comes to know that they are one among the richest in Singpore.

This is the first film to  cast  a majority of cast of Asian descent by Major Hollywood studio since the Joy Luck club in the year 1993. A sequel of the movie is expected to be released soon which has attracted great attention due to the scam in the casting. 

Here are few of the facts that we know about it.

It is said that the movie which is now popular in whole world because of the scam and fraud in casting is trapped and there are lot of rumors spread on this. It is reported that the casting director of the movie had met the aspirants who wanted to make it to the silver screen over a zoom meeting and had conducted audition of the new aspirants for which it is said that a fee was collected from  the new faces to be cast on the movie.


The Director of the movie Jon.M.Chu expressed his disagreement over this and explained that a notice calling for actors aged between 20 to 40 years of age and calling for a role of Caucasian female between the age of 25 and 35 was on the social media and press reports and that they were asked to appear for audition over zoom call after paying virtually the submission fee of 99 dollars and the notice is said to be put up by a person who claims to be casting associate by the name Alan Baltes.

Chu expressed his frustration on this while terming this as a direct attack and that he had immediately notified the Warner bros on this issue and also affirms that the crew does not have a casting director at all. Alan Baltes social media accounts have been deactivated.

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