‘Crime Scene’ From Netflix Cecil Hotel General Manager Reaches Out The First Time, Here Is What You Should Know

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“The 2013 disappearance of Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel’s long, dark history are the subjects of Netflix’s newest docuseries, Crime Scene, which “deconstructs the folklore and intrigue of a contemporary crime involving notorious places.

The first season, called The Disappearing at the Cecil Hotel, uses the untimely death of Lam as a means to investigate the notorious institution in Los Angeles that is connected to infamous suicides and serial killers.

ET has an exclusive first look at an interview with Amy Price, the hotel’s former general manager from 2007 to 2017, who opens up about encounters for the first time, ahead of its premiere on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, a lot of them thought, behind the scenes, there’s this insane, creepy guy who really doesn’t care who runs this hotel where all these horrible stuff happen, and it’s not so,” Price says on camera when asked what people imagine the Cecil Hotel manager to be.”

She also goes on to describe all the “unique challenges” of operating in a place like Cecil Hotel, where many murders, overdoses, suicides, and even influenced American Horror Story: Hotel have taken place. “I’ve never gotten used to it,” she says. You can have a look at the officially released video teaser down below:


Though the case of Elisa Lam is the guiding force that carries us in this season from episode to episode, we decided to broaden our scope and relate the Cecil Hotel story not just to provide historical background, but to make viewers appreciate how such a disaster might have happened, and others like it,” Director Joe Berlinger explains to ET, adding that “the Cecil was a gem in L.A.

When it was constructed in 1924, we decided to investigate how it slipped from grace over the years, a far cry from how it is viewed today.

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Amy’s first-hand experience at the hotel is priceless, Berlinger says, and we were delighted she decided to participate—this is the first time she has openly talked about her experience. She has a deep love and affinity for the hotel, considering all she had to deal with when she worked there.

“As she was arriving at the screens for the first time, Berlinger claims that “Amy trusted us to tell the whole tale of the death of Elisa and the events around her rather than wrongly summarizing her horrific death as a ghost story like too many have done before,” shows the long-time real-crime documentary behind the Conversations With a Murderer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and the acclaimed Paradise Lost series of Netflix’s Conversations With a Killer.


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