Cruella Star Paul Walter Hauser Addresses To Negative Reviews Got For Disney’s Villain Origin Story

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“Cruella,” the Disney villain origin story of “101 Dalmatians” adversary Cruella de Vil, has received mixed reviews. The picture, which stars Emma Stone in a punk-rock take on the titular character, presently has a Metacritic score of 60. Regardless, viewers will flock to the picture in cinemas and on Disney+, where it is available for $29.99 for Premier Access.

Paul Walter Hauser Addressing Negative Reviews 

However, certain poor reviews are bothering star Paul Walter Hauser, the breakout performer from “Richard Jewell” who plays the villainess’s sidekick Horace in “Cruella.”

In a recent interview with Insider, Hauser lashed out at critics who may have misread the film, as well as others who were perplexed by the film’s ostensibly dark and edgy tone. (At the time, the film helmed by “I, Tonya” filmmaker Craig Gillespie was rated PG-13.)

When questioned about a Vanity Fair review that slammed the picture, Hauser stated, “I just read that review, it was one of maybe six reviews I read, and [writer Richard Lawson] was kind of having fun being mean-spirited, sort of doing his word play instead of analysing the picture.”


He said, “I just felt that was a cheap shot, so I defended my film.” I believe we created a terrific picture; it may not be for everyone, but it accomplishes far more things right than wrong.”

He also stated that cinema critics may be seeing “Cruella” incorrectly. “If you despised two things but thought we did five other things well, you can’t urge people not to see the movie. That is absurd. It’s the same as me telling you not to dine at a restaurant because I didn’t like the toilet paper and my server was ugly. You’d say, ‘Um, how was the chicken?’ So that is my entire perspective on film criticism.”

Finally, he stated that the film’s tone was misconstrued. “People get all up about it being an edgy and gloomy film: no, it isn’t. You are not seeing the transformation of dogs into jackets. It’s an action-adventure-crime-comedy with a lot of heart, and if you don’t like Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, you should definitely have your pulse checked,” he explained.

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