Marvel has presented many super-spies along with the Superheroes. If we look from the cold war until now we can say that there is a big list of the spies that have made their important appearances. As a viewer for us, a question arises that who is the best spy or a secret agent among them? 

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If we look in modern-day comics, shows, and movies of Marvel, we will find that there is no shortage of superhumans in the Marvel Industry. From the cold war, it has been seen that super-spies are highly popular among the fans of Marvel either it is a comic or a movie. Fans have seen Black Widow which has become a synonym of Marvel. 

Her appearance in movies sometimes as a spy has thrilled the viewers. Along with her, we have seen Nick Fury, Mockingbird doing the same. Even the parents of our favorite Peter Parker were spies if you remember.

So, to answer the question we have to analyze various parameters as a good audience. These parameters include the physical grit of character, how effective they are on the field, the life of their service, and how much they impact the comic book histories. 

Who is great?

Let us test the super-spies on our parameter. When it comes to Black Widow, she passes the physical prowess test. No surprise in this as she is a trained Russian spy who got her training from the likes of winter soldier.

Before getting into Avenger, she had long spying experience with enormous challenges which we will find out in the upcoming project of Marvel ‘Black Widow’. As an Avenger she holds her various powers of different which make her a superhuman. 

Who is runner up here guys? Think a little and you will get the answer. 

Yes, you are right if you taking the name of Foreigners. He is a master assassin who not only have spied for spider man but also various Avengers. 

How can you miss Nick Fury here, the boxing champion in World War II? He was a martial arts champion too. His ability to make strategies makes him on the list of spies. As we all know Nick Fury has also served as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is the biggest power player in the whole Marvel Universe.

After a tough fight between Black Widow and Nick Fury, Fury takes the first spot.

Stay safe and stunned with us for more such questions and answers.


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