CUS>R: Everything you need to know about the latest horror movies on Netflix


Netflix has added a new video game-themed thriller film to its original horror film catalogue. Following the successful release of the Fear Street trialogy films, which lasted three weeks, the streaming service continues to acquire new genre content.

According to Skueces,, Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to the recently completed “CURS>R” from the Cannes virtual market. The plot of “CURS>R” is a college abandonment cursed by a video game. Netflix reportedly paid a seven-figure sum for world rights to the film, indicating that it was in high demand among distributors. With “CURS>R,” Toby Meakins, a short film writer and director, makes his feature film directing debut. Simon Allen, whose previous work includes the BBC police drama The Watch, wrote the screenplay.

With Netflix’s high rights price and intriguing premise, the buzz surrounding ‘CURS>R’ is growing quickly among horror fans and general cinephiles alike. Here’s everything we know so far about the film, including its release date, cast, and plot.

When will the CURS>R be released? 

No specific date of release has yet been announced by the team. Given this, it won’t be long before we learn about Netflix’s plans to release the film. Perhaps it will be avaliable in 2022.

The film, however, would be worth the wait, according to the producers involved. Anton Corp’s John Zois stated in a statement, “Toby is a natural horrorist with the ability to tell original stories as well as create strong, edgy palettes on the screen. Simon, Toby, and Matt collaborated to create something truly exciting for horror fans.

Stigma Films’ Matthew James Wilkinson expressed his enthusiasm as well, saying, “I’m ecstatic to be working on CURS>original R’s concept, which twists contemporary horror into our hero’s nostalgia for the 1980s! Simon, Toby, and I were ecstatic to collaborate with Anton on bringing this concept to life on a large screen.”

Who will will be in the CURS>R

The fact that the cast of “CURS>R” includes both familiar and new faces adds to the excitement. Iola Evans, a relative newcomer to Hollywood, plays the lead. Until now, she has only a few credits on the CW science drama “The 100,” the most notable of which is the first of two episodes. Evans is joined by Asa Butterfield from “Sex Education” and Eddie Marsen from “Ray Donavon.” Veteran actor Robert Englund rounds out the main cast. Englund is a horror film legend who played serial killer Freddie Krueger in “A Nightmare on Elm Streets.”


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