Cutting-Edge Aerial Footage Reveals ‘India From Above’

Cutting-Edge Aerial Footage Reveals 'India From Above'
Cutting-Edge Aerial Footage Reveals 'India From Above'

Ever thought about the views from above when thousands of millions of people pitch their vote during the world’s largest democratic voting or a scene from above, while one of the biggest celebrations in the nation.

National Geographic is an astonishing and incredible storyteller. And on this Independence Day, they are taking their audiences on an adventure to these breathtaking scenes from above the earth. 

In order to respond to those questions and make them saturated with pride for their soil with its show divided into two chapters. The show will be enacted by Dev Patel, a British star.

(Who was one of the cast in the incredible movie “Slumdog Millionaire“). 

About The Coverage

The show will rekindle India in all its jewel, depicting the geographical, conventional, artistic, ancient, and technical virtues of India. The show is completely navigated with cutting-edge 4K drone footage making it India’s first franchise.

It brings light to the remarkable spectacles of the fabulous nation from above, the series contains two parts and was premiered on 14th August and 15th August 2020. It aired on National Geographic in around 172 nations and in 43 terminologies. 

The show brings light to the newer India and its extraordinary relationship with its religious and cultural cores and apexes the country’s natural marvels.

Some Remarkable Footages

 The extremely gorgeous scene of affection at the Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest festival with an enormous gathering of the devotees. And the breathtaking scenes of the solar plant in Tamil Nadu. And how the country is adopting different methods to conserve its rich heritage. 

Coming back to the show, “India from above” is a fraction of Nat Geo’s popular series spotlighting the several parts of the globe from a modern standpoint, said Anuradha Agarwala, Star India, and kids. And they are prepared to unfurl the unseen spectacles of the country by utilizing some cutting-edge aerial videography. 

The show is recited by one of the best Actor Dev Patel along with the sensational scenes. And about the diverse lives of around 130 crores people. 

These astonishing views of India have filled the people of this country with more pride on this Independence Day.

The shooting ran for a whole year and four different seasons, through different mountains, and all this to highlight the country as a sensational and vibrant nation.

Hope the updates are able to share a glimpse of the show. Do share what you think on the concept and Keep returning.



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