Cyberpunk 2077: System Rebooting


The approaching role-playing video game, Cyberpunk 2077 developed and published by CD Project, is all but determined to rule the market of video games. The platforms available will be Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One during release, and subsequently in Stadia by the end of the year, and must be at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X by 2021.

With a trail from the Cyberpunk franchise, the place of occurrence is a dystopian open-world metropolis Night City, with six distinct regions.

Eager for a release date?

Your wait is sorted now. The game, Cyberpunk 2077 was publicized in May 2012.  The first teaser trailer was launched in January 2013. It was set for Microsoft Windows. By the E3 2018, it was developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  In E3 2018, the second trailer and a media exclusive with a pre-alpha gameplay demo was released in August.  Then it pulled it curtains down in Gamescom.  

AT E3 2019, the release date was declared to be on April 16, 2020, vide the third trailer. Now due to the present coronavirus situation, it awaits the finishing touch. September 17 surfaced up as the release date. But now November 19, 2020, is announced for the grand release.  The multiplayer version will keep us waiting till 2021. 


It’s all up to you to decide the long and short of the game.  The main intention of the game is to provide the players with immortality.  With a range of weapons almost all of which can be customized and modified by the user. Power (standard), Tech (with the power of penetrating walls and enemies as well), and Smart (filled with homing bullets).  Only at the appearance of any death, the pop-up comes as “Game Over”.

Cyberpunk 2077: System Rebooting

How do you prepare for the gameplay?

The game, Cyberpunk 2077 is played from the viewpoint of the first-person ‘V’. The mercenary who can be precisely be customized – the face, hairstyle, voice, body, clothing, and background.

 There are different character modes as NetRunner for hacking, Techie for machinery, and Solo for combat force. For anyone of these the stat, categories are Body, intelligence, Reflexes, Technical and Cool. V can aim, jump, double jump, slide, run down the ground and walls, and obviously can take cover. 

The perk tree has spreading arms as melee, blades, handguns, rifles, combat, assassination, “cold blood”, engineering and athletic charisma. For up-gradation and purchase of cyberwar causes, V has to consult a “Ripperdoc”. For military equipment, there is “Black Market”. Four types of attacks, Physical, Thermal, EMP, and Chemical, can be dispensed and resisted.  The game may be overkilling or no killing, applying non-lethal options instead of weapons and cyberwar.

V navigates the open-world metropolis Night City of California, which consists of six regions – City Centre, Westbrook, Santo Domingo, Heywood, Watson, and Pacifica on foot and riding autonomous cars. 

Excitement unlimited

Cyberpunk 2077 with a Keanu Reeves reveal is all game. Let’s wait for the “Rebooting successful” message.


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