Daisy Coleman From Audrie & Daisy Dies At 23


Every human suffers from a lot of happenings and situations. Many can deal but some can’t handle it. Some disheartening deaths are coming across us these days. But we’ll talk about the suicidal death of Netflix star Daisy Coleman.

We had a documentary film named Audrie and Daisy in 2016. The documentary was able to show us how Daisy faced a lot of dilemmas where she was sexually assaulted and bullied by teenage boys in 2012. She received a spectacular award “Cinema Eye Honor” for her documentary film.

Her mother, Melinda found her body as she instructed the police to undertake a welfare check. She named Daisy by stating on Facebook that she was her best friend and amazing daughter. She proceeded that she could have taken the pain from her. 

She added that Daisy never recovered from what those evil guys did to her and it’s simply not fair. She ended by stating her baby daughter gone.

Daisy Coleman From Audrie & Daisy Dies At 23

The documentary film showed us that Daisy was raped at a party at the age of 14 years by Matthew Barnett of 17 years old.

Her family had legally suit the case against Barnett. After this news made national headlines, her family were induced to shift out of Maryland. Surprisingly, the case was dropped i.e. only because of Barnett’s family said to be protected with local political connections. 

Thus, Daisy reached to co-found SafeBAE i.e. Safe Before Anyone Else, a non-profit organization that concentrated on ending sexual assault among school students and also supporting young survivors. 

A statement published by SafeBAE said that they were shattered and shocked by her passing. They further added that she had several enduring demons and also facing and overcoming them all but healing was not a straight path to face her deep gone stress issues. 

She was resisting longer and tougher than we will ever remember. 

We would further only conclude that suicide is not away. I know mentally we hold ourselves but you must know that where there is a will there is away.

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