Daleks brought to life in Doctor Who’s newest animated spin-off!


Imagine, you are speaking to one of the Doctor Who incarnations over the phone. What are the questions you would like to ask him?

Think, think!

Till then, I will give you a quick dose of the recent Doctor Who’s the animated spin-off.

The broadcasting channel BBC has recently released a trailer for the upcoming animated spin-off of the Doctor Who series and guess what’s the surprise?

The Daleks, Doctor Who’s iconic enemies will be playing a major role in it.  This five ten-minutes episode series, comprising of the Daleks will be releasing in Doctor Who’s YouTube channel in November.

The spin-off has been enhanced by the presence of a wonderful cast which has Nicholas Briggs voicing the Daleks, Joe Sugg, Anjli Mohindra and Ayesha Antoine. Much of the story has not yet been revealed but something adventurous waits for the fans out here. Something deadly will be seen awakening and the Daleks will have a tough time defeating it.

BBC studios in a digital panel dedicated to the Times Victorious Project in the New York Comic Con 2020 released an exclusive Dalek clip when the Daleks were seen invading an archive planet. 

Makers have also expressed that though this movie would not live up to everybody’s expectations it is actually a homage to the Classic TV Century 21 comic books. And mostly, the comic concepts will be seen having some life in it.

Now, the question is what the Daleks are actually up against?

To know more of what will actually be happening, we will have to wait for the spin-off’s release.

Till then, stay tuned with us and we will keep taking you to the Doctor Who world often.



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