Dancing with The stars contestant set for special return after having quit


Guys, where will your excitement shoot up to if I just tell you that your favorite TV Show is going to give you a big surprise. 

It will surely shoot up to great heights. 

So there are two things, one, The Dancing With the Stars finale took place on Monday, the 23rd of November and one of the participants will make a special come back. Yes, Show The Real’s Jeannie Mai will be making her comeback to the show for its 29th season’s ending. She was compelled to stop working for the show due to some health issues early November. 

Sources revealed that Jeannie would be appearing along with other contestants who were earlier a part of the series to extend their support to the finalists. At the start of this week, the star was seen on her own show where she was conversing with her co-hosts in writing. She was resting her voice so that she could make a fit return to Dancing with the Stars. 

Jeannie wrote about her feelings on the card and how she missed one and all, she also expressed how excited she was to return to her own show. 

Tyra Banks will be hosting Dancing with the stars and the audience will catch up with four pairs performing a last chance of their free-style dance routine.

O god! Can’t wait to see them! 

Also, we will miss them after the show ends, what say?


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