Daniel Radcliffe shares the weird Harry Potter props he is having!

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One of the most lovable series by children, Harry Potter was the perfect blend of adventure and bizarre. If you will ask the reason why it was bizarre, then the specified reason is what we are going to discuss in this article.

About the props of Harry Potter:

If you don’t know the meaning of props, then it uses the magical objects used to perform magic and these are not common like taking pigeons out of the cap. It is indeed completely different.

One of the most bizarre objects was Sorting Hat while the other was Murderer Map. This was the specialty of Harry Potter movies.

And if any actor is having access to this type of stuff, then he is going to keep it at his home just like Daniel Radcliffe did. Yes! You heard it right. Harry Potter in real life is keeping all the props related to magic at his home.

At the time of the shooting, he took some famous pairs of glasses to his home and gave himself a tag of bizarre kid.

Interview of Daniel Radcliffe:

In an interview with the media, Daniel revealed that he stole some creepy props from the sets of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, and used to hide them in his parent’s room.

In the interview, he said that “I am a big fan of bizarre props brought from the set of the Harry Potter. I was a kid and was always confused about where to hide that stolen stuff.”

“Should I hide it in my parent’s room or should I dig it under the ground. But at last, I decided finally to hide that all stuff in my attic.”

The Reaction of Daniel Redcliffe on it:

It is the instinct of every people that when they grow up, they get embarrassed about the things they did in their childhood.

The same is with Daniel Redcliffe. He says that he is very embarrassed about the act he did on the sets of the Harry Potter saga while he was just a teenager. And after that, he also assured that he is not having any negative feelings toward the movie.

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Final words:

The separation of the character of Harry from Daniel Redcliffe is very difficult. He says that he is very much lucky to get the epic role of him which is still loved by the audience in the form of novels, animation, and a whole series of multiple parts. 

You can watch the whole saga of “Harry Potter” just by having a subscription of Hotstar and Netflix.


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