‘Darcey & Stacey’: Season 1 Episode 9 Explained In Detail


Darcy and Stacey is a reality TV show which follows around two twins who got married at the same age and divorced on the same day.

The twins try to deal with their lives and also juggle between family and relationships. In the series, they are very determined to get their life back on track and find love.

If you haven’t watched the ninth episode, then you must be wondering that did Florian tells the truth about his past? And does Stacey know that he is cheating? Did Stacey successfully introduce her love interest, Georgi, to her family?

If these questions are running in your mind, then we have all the answers for you right here. Keep reading to find out what happened in the 9th episode of season 1.

  1. To Be or to Not Be a Fool

Stacey is upset after seeing her new husband getting intimate with another lady. They just got married, and she feels like she has made a huge mistake. Florian tells his wife Stacey that he did not have sex with Shanti.

Stacey demands him why he did he go to that place, but Florian refuses to tell the truth. He said that Shanti was doing a joint model photoshoot, and later on, he asked her to delete their photos.

  1. Bringing Sexy Back

Darcy decides to introduce Georgi to her friends Reina and Debbie. At the dinner, they all have a great time, and Darcey reveals to her friends that Georgi is still married. Reina gets shocked, and Georgi explains that he hasn’t seen his former partner for a year.

  1. Newlywed Game

When the newly married couple arrives, they decide to toast to their marriage. Darcey says to her other twin that she did not invite her to the wedding to which Stacey throws broccoli at her. Darcey brings up the videos about Shanti, but Florian says that he was not involved with Shanti in any sexual way.

He soon losses his calm and says everybody makes mistakes and he was a bit frunk and it happened. Debbie intervenes and asks him to tell the truth, but he shuts her down.

Stacey is shocked after hearing that but still clears to everyone that they will figure out now. She is not happy with what her new husband did, but she won’t give up on him.

  1. Kiss Kiss, No Bang Bang?

Later on, Stacey leaves, and Florian goes behind her. He tells her the full story and reveals that he kissed her. Stacey responds angrily that she doesn’t care, and Florian says that he loves her. Stacey threatens him that if he does that again then she will break their marriage. During the confession, Florian says that he feels bad for hurting his wife, and he will never do that again.

  1. Her Mane Man

Darcey is ready to go to her mother’s 70th birthday barbecue. She is nervous about Georgi meeting her daughters and to tell her about Gerogi’s pending divorce to her mom.

  1. Birthday Blowout

Mike starts liking Georgi, and later on, they bring Georgia’s birthday cake too. Stacey and her new husband announce that they got married, but Mike is not enthusiastic. Later, Darcey also decides to tell about Georgia’s pending divorce to Mike.

Georgi tries to explain that he was planning to get a divorce in March, but everything was shut. Mike talks to Georgi privately and warned him if he tries to hurt his daughter. 

  1. Rock Out

The next day, Georgi decides to propose Darcey and belives that after proposing her, she might trust him more.

Final Words

Next week, Stacey and Florian go on a mini-moon to Rhode Island. Even Darcey and Georgi travel along with them. Later on, she begins to doubt Georgi after a woman comments on his Instagram account.

Stacey believes that her sister’s lover must be hiding something. After the fight, Georgi reveals that he may not propose Darcey. Maybe he is hiding something from her, but we don’t know what that might be.

Do not miss to watch Darcey & Stacey, next Sunday at 10/9c. Our website is the best destination for the latest entertainment news, so stay tuned. 


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