Daredevil Vs She-Hulk: Who’s the better Lawyer


Crime fights itself creates an adrenaline rush through our veins, imagine what about two people competing  on crimes. Yes, talking about criminal lawyers in this earth.

And guess who are the best lawyers of this era, Daredevil and She-Hulk and they don’t stop their role playing even if they are not in their costumes. If we think about the best lawyers in the Marvel Comics then the names that would liquor in a mind at the first instance would be Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters. Just think what could happen if the two were on the opposite sides.

Murdock is a graduate from the Columbia Law school and has been very popular after giving a new definition to the phrase ‘Justice is Blind’. His unfortunately lost his eyesight in a childhood accident but his other senses encouraged him to become Daredevil, he together with his friend Nelson started a Law firm Murdock and Nelson, which was not so high, but Murdock personally forwarded legal services to a number of high profile clients like Spider man, Human Torch and also Black Widow. 

Jennifer Walters, on the other hand was originally a court room lawyer who became the She-Hulk after some emergency blood transfusion. The good thing was that she retained mental control in her Hulk-Form and continued with legal career. She has extended her services to Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, Holloway. Her toughest cases included one with Starfox, Thanos’ younger brother who had the prowess to influence emotions. 

The two have some of the special abilities, their turmoil through Captain America’s wrongful death claim case has put them into a tough competition proving their better-dom. It seems Captain America has more faith in She-Hulk, though Daredevil is no Slouch, according to the comics, She-Hulk is a better Lawyer. 

Who according to you is the one dearests?

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