DARK DESIRE 2: Release, Cast, Plot Details


18 episodes of Dark desire has been a  blend of  thriller and drama is Mexican web television series  directed by Epigmenio  Ibarra and Kenya Marquez and production of by Argo’s communication.

The series was released on 15 July 2020 and now available on Netflix. The first season mainly highlights the story of Alma who is a teacher who teaches law and is married to Leonardo who is a judge by profession and who hides many truths. Alma and Leonardo are the parents of Zoe. The series is also apart from this comprises of many characters and suspense. It gained huge popularity and under the top 10 list. Hence, it easy to predict how eagerly fans are waiting for the release of season 2

So, let us check out the list of start cast updates, to begin with.


The characters which played their part in the first season were Maite Perroni as Alma Solares, Alejandro Spitzer as Dario Guerra Jorge Poza as Leonardo Solares, Erik Hauser as Esteban and Regina Pavon as Zoe. There are high chances that we might be able to see the original casts joining the next season. However, we could see new faces but we have to wait a little longer.

Now let get to know the renewals of the upcoming series.

DARK DESIRE 2: Release, Cast, Plot Details


It’s been a few days since the series has been released on Netflix and the Dark Desire has attained such a massive response from the audience which is raising the question about season 2 in their minds. Experts also rate the series very high. The series also contains a mystery that must be continued in the second part. 

Dark Desire has able to grab the attention of the audience. There are high chances that we might be able to see the second part of the series in the coming years as it was left in suspense. We will have to wait a little longer as there are no official announcements on its second part by the makers but the hype in the public has raised the demand of the second season. 


As the 1 season has many mysteries to be solved it makes a possibility that the mysteries would be solved in further parts. As in the 1 season when Alma meets Dario which almost turned into a wild night. Dario had almost faced a series of mishappenings which is eventually a murder. Esteban wants to finds who the murderer was his attention was on Dario opens a complete story which would be shown in the next part.  

Hence, stories are that season 1 mysteries are going to continue in season 2 to win the hearts of the audience. We will keep digging into the details for you. Until then, subscribe to our blog to keep getting the updates.


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