Dark desire season 2: Recent Development


Dark desire is a Mexican thriller T.V. series which is available on Netflix produced by Argos Communication and is directed by Epigmenio Ibarra and Kenya Marquez. The story of season 1 revolves around a woman, who is named Alma who teaches law and is married to Leonardo, a judge who hides many truths. 

This series includes a lot of thrill, drama, the darkness in desires, erotism, which is perfect for adults. season 1 of dark desire was aired on Netflix on 15 July 2020, which includes 18 episodes with each episode is around 30-40 min in length. The story opens with a lot of flashbacks, things to uncover, drama, thrill, blood, violence, and various crimes that are needed to be uncovered that grabbed the immediate attention of Netflix followers.

An air of thrill is created from the very first episode of the series, which shows various twisty turns in crime that happened and also includes familial relations and romantic melodrama which instantly build the ground for the launch of season 2. So, let us now check out the quick insights of season 2.

Dark desire season 2: Recent Development

Dark desire season 2: canceled? or Renewed at Netflix? 

It’s been just a day since the release of season 1 of Dark desires and its opening already created a hype among the audience in a very short period. the opening of the series has made a huge impact on the main story and grabbed attention from the audience. But the story is a mystery paradox which will take around 2 more seasons to end. If the Netflix receives quite good reviews about the first part and considering its soft spot for foreign plays, we could definitely see a renewal of the series. 

If this happens, we could see its season 2 to be released in 2021 or 2022, depending upon the situation of coronavirus pandemic. since the popularity of the series increased so much, the unsolved mysteries, thrill, and drama continuously grabbed audience attention and increased the hype for the second season release. Thus, there are almost no chances of its cancellation. but there is still no information about the second season. till then let us hope for the best.

Dark desire season 2 Cast: who can be in it?

The lead casts include:

Maite Perroni stars as Alma. Alma’s husband Leonardo is played by Jeorge Poza. Alejandro Speitzer as Dario who is Alma’s lover.Regina Pavon as Zoe, and Erik Hayser as Esteban who is a private investigator. season 2 is expected to see most of the lead casts recurring after season 1.

Dark Desire Season 2 Plot: what can be in it?

Since season 1 started with a lot of mysteries to solve, season 2 will be in continuity in solving those mysteries( if released). As a short getaway turned into a wild night of passion when Alma met Dario Guerra. As when Dario lands in her class it sets off a series of deadly events, eventually a murder. Esteban was determined to find the killer at any cost and suspects Dario’s intentions. season 1 ends with a note of who did this murder mystery and also opens the gateway of additional storylines. 

Hence, the release of season 2 is worth watching and so updated. On the same note, stay with us as we will be back soon with more new updates from your favorite show.

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