The character of Blue Beetle has been played by many actors even though the character itself is not so permanent.

It first appeared on Fox Comics and then eventually moved to DC. Fans have always loved the character and have followed it through comics and some live-actions.

 If you are also a fan of Blue Beetle then we are sure you must have followed him everywhere. Well, now Darren Criss may become the next Blue Beetle. Here’s all you need to know.


The first Blue Beetle was Dan Garrett who had appeared on the Fox Comics. Next Blue Beetle appeared in the final season of Smallville.

DC was always interested in the character and was also developing a movie on the character in 2015 but then due to reasons not disclosed the development was stopped.

After a long time when there are talks again of a potential Blue Beetle movie, an artist has created an illustration as to how Criss would look like in the attire of Blue Beetle. 

Criss looks amazing in the illustration and the fans are already excited for the movie. Many are saying that Cross will make the best Blue Beetle so far. DC is also keen on making this movie happen as with this movie they are looking to give competition to Spider-Man.

It will be interesting to see Criss play the character of Blue Beetle as he is a great actor who has won many awards and acclamations for his previous other roles.

We take our leave now, will see you the next time.


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