“Daughter from Another Mother” Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Renewal Status

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Since season 1 of “The Daughter from Another Mother”, it stole the heart of its audience with its amazing storyline and cringe-worthy punchline. 

Created by Jane the Virgin and Devious Maids, the series is released by another name, “Madre Sala Hay Don” on the Mexican Netflix platform in January 2021.

Now the thing is fans are already demanding season 2 of the series and their wish came true. Makers have finally dropped down some fresh updates about the sequel of the series which we are going to discuss.

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Source: Oracle Globe

Storyline: “The Daughter from Another Mother”:

The series based on the theme of situational comedy, it narrates the story of Ana, who is a very workaholic and career-oriented woman. And on the parallel side, knits the story of Mariana, a high-school student who thinks nothing about her future.

After few months, they both gave birth to children and after some happenings and circumstances, they got to know that they are carrying the baby of each other. 

And now, instead of exchanging their new-borns, they decided to live together along with their families to raise their children together. 

This is the most unique story about motherhood and it is picturized humorously. Season 1 in the Spanish language was ended on a cliff-hanger which will be overcome by season 2 only.

Release date: “The Daughter from Another Mother”

Since season 1 has been released recently, it will take some time for makers to decide the script of “The Daughter from Another Mother” season 2. The production will be started pretty soon.

And after that, the series will be on screen by the mid of 2022. As speculated. And other information will rely upon Netflix only.

Casts: “The Daughter from Another Mother”

As no fresh information is released, we can’t say who new actors are going to get casted. But, surely, old ones will refresh their roles including:

  • Paulina Goto as Mariana
  • Ludwika Paleta as Ana
  • Emilio Beltran Ulrich as Rodrigo
  • Dale a Meneces as Ceci

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