Mank is Netflix’s latest biopic drama based on the story of the late father of renowned filmmaker DAVID FINCHER’S MANK WILL BE AIRED ON NETFLIX IN DECEMBER 2020!!- Jack Fincher. David Fincher will direct the biopic, with his father Jack’s written credentials. The series has been held on to indefinitely since then and Fincher is involved with Mank, Love, Death & Robots, and other projects. 

Release date

After months of speculation, we are pleased to announce the release of the Netflix film as 4th December 2020. At the end of the week starting 5 October 2020, a preview will be released on Netflix too.

The first time we heard of a release was earlier this year when IndieWire interviewed Eric Roth and said they are eyeing a release in October. The film was then speculated in November when the October release list came out.

The film is also scheduled for a small cinema release somewhere in the U.S. in November 2020.

What theatres it will premiere in should give you a good idea from our guide to American theatres for The Irishman. The limitations of COVID-19 could change that, however.

What’s Mank’s parental status?

We would expect to see Mank listed as R even if the official classification of the parent is still to be confirmed. The ranking is based on Mankiewicz’s experience of alcoholism. David Fincher’s microscopic look for details, so we would expect to see which part of the story is about Mankiewicz’s alcohol addiction.

It Releases in 4k

Netflix requires all its new and latest originals, including Mank, to be available for 4 K streaming. The biopic length film has gone past and beyond 4 K, as it was shot with an 8 K camera, the Leica Summilu-C Lenses RED Monochrome. 8K isn’t available for viewing on any network at the time of writing, however, we can see that Mank will be made available in 8K in the future.


The life of the Mank, the newest biopic from Netflix, is the basis of Herman J. Mankiewicz, co-author of the most renowned Hollywood history film Citizen Kane. Filming ended in early 2020 and is scheduled for 4th December 2020 on Netflix. We put everything we know about Mank together, including the storyline, cast, and release date.

Stay tuned with us to get all the further details for the upcoming biopic.


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