DC: 10 Forgotten Superman Enemies

Superman Enemies
Superman Enemies

It has been almost a century since Superman was created. Being the pioneer superhero means, he has seen his fair share of enemies as well. The most prominent one is Lex Luthor, of course. But there have been many other villains as well. 

Here we have made a list of 10 superheroes who have been forgotten with time!

#10 Intergang

They were a cooperative of criminals who were funded by New Gods. But they did not live up to their build-up. Superman took them out just by doing his journalism without ever having to use his superpowers.

#9 Sand Superman

Just like the name, this villain was lame as well. Though this clone looked like Clark, he certainly didn’t act like one.

#8 Manchester Black

This anti-hero could have been as good as Punisher himself since they shared similar views on how peace could be restored but poor character backstory led fans to dismiss him.

#7 Titano

Titano sounds like the name a killer superhero would have. But this Titano is simply a mutant Gorilla which was designed specially to kill Superman using Kryptonite. Titano failed as a character as it did not have a connection to the rest of the storyline.

#6 The Kryptonite Man

He is another villain designed especially for Clark as well. He also comes under the category of villains who were designed to finish Superman but failed to even make the fans happy.

#5 Microwave Man

This character was written in the 70s with the boom of microwave ovens in the majority of American households. But once the hype regarding microwaves died, Microwave Man died too.

#4 Ultra Humanity

Though Ultra Humanite hasn’t made an appearance since the 1930s his return would still be welcomed. He was a good antagonist with some compassion left in him.

#3 Master Jailer

This villain had a lot of potential as a character as he was one of the few people who knew Superman’s true identities. But all he did was try to sabotage his career as a journalist.

#2 Amazo

Amazo could have made the list of the best supervillains of all time. Yet he had been forgotten because DC simply did not care enough to use him. It’s a shame and he should definitely be brought back.

#1 The Prankster

This character was created to give Superman his own Joker. As the expectations were set so high at the start, he was not able to live up to them. His character got a major makeover both in terms of appearance and traits making him a different being altogether. So, at the end, the original Prankster still remains forgotten.

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