DC Comics Unveils The New Wonder Woman


On last Thursday, DC Comics has announced that they will introduce a brand new Wonder Woman. This new appearance of Wonder woman has not appeared in DC comics before. 

The announcement of Wonder woman will happen officially in DC’s Future State Event. The Future State series will be there for 2 months where many creators will come to introduce a new comic character for DC. 

Yet now, details regarding the new Wonder Woman has been kept undeveloped, still, DC Comics revealed that they might go with the Amazon based Yara Flor. She will be seen joining forces with Superman and the team to protect their home. Yara Flor has not appeared in DC comics before. 

The new Wonder Woman character has a gold Armor and has the Lasso of truth that has balls at the end of it. It is heard that the new character will take part in the upcoming Justice League story. 

There are many talks going around about this new Brazilian ( Amazon born) hero. It has surprised many about how this new character has received so much popularity for DC comics. There is no news about our original character of Wonder woman Diana. As real Batman was killed, so there is unsurely for the real Wonder woman as well.

There are many writers, art designers who are working on the new character of wonder woman. Even they will be producing their new stories in Future state. Let’s hope to see some new and good changes in the character.

For more updates regarding DC comics’ new upcoming character please stay tuned with us.


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