DC Reveals an Intriguing Detail About Its New Batman


DC announced that the first ever series that would be releasing next year is the DC Future state. It involves a collection of all of our favourite superheroes from Teen Titans to Justice League but mainly focussing on the big three- Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

They also released a 34 page pdf on their website which you can download. It includes the details of the environment in which the stories of the DC Future State are set and how our superheroes have adapted to it. You can find the pdf here- https://www.dccomics.com/reader/#/comics/466769 

“It really is rolling Batman back to being an individual who is so much about his wit, his guile and his physical acumen. You definitely have to have a different strategy. You’re outmanned, you’re outgunned and the only thing you can really do is go back to the original Batman — the shadows are your friend. Night is your ally. The city is your battleground.” said John Ridley, the Oscar winning author of the new series. The art in the series would be done by Nick Derrington.

So this January we can expect the old Batman we all fell in love with. The one whose biggest strength is his anonymity. 

This DC Future State series would hit our shelves this January and February. The series contains 25 miniseries with some of them having more than one instalment. It includes the following series, Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman, Future State: Superman: Worlds of War, and Future State: Dark Detective. 

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