Eradicator has been seen sharing a long history in the DCU both as a villain and a superhero. But the Kryptonian threat is becoming more dangerous with age. Recently, he has been witnessed as a villain in Justice League Annual #2.

More about Eradicator

Eradicator was launched by Jerry Ordway and George Perez. They also launched Roger Stern, Mike Mignola, Curt Swan, John State, Brett Breeding, and Glenn Whitmore in Action Comic Annual #2. It was firstly opined as a containment device developed to preserve the culture of an Alien race. 

These containment devices were sent to space by the aliens so that they could meet any other civilization. Their intentions were not filled. As the devices reached the Krypton, they are destroyed by the xenophobe Kem-L. One of the devices is corrupted too.

As the devices meet Kem-L, there all plans got changed by him. Kem-L makes a device to eradicate the whole cultures of civilization but to keep Kryptonian. Here ‘Eradicator’ was born.

Originally, the Eradicator looked like an egg-shaped sphere with no humanoid form. It takes a year or less for Eradicator to become a villain in the sixth issue of ‘Day of the Krypton Man’ story came in 1990.

Eradicator’s different Avatar

In the storyline of ‘Reign Of the Superman’, Eradicator witnesses a change in its character. Eradicator was finally able to get the humanoid form after the Doomsday killed Superman and it used Superman’s body as a template. 

After wearing the template, Eradicator started believing itself to be Superman. It was now a hero and now counted as men of steel after Superman’s death. This was shocking to see Eradicator sacrificing itself to regain life to Superman with full strength.

Besides it, Eradicator is introduced into Earth-Prime. It was succeeded again to get a humanoid form in Superman #2 created by Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and others.

In this part, Eradicator starts its journey as a small machine again which after the assimilation of Clark Kent takes humanoid form. Realizing that Jonathon doesn’t make him a pure-blooded Kryptonian, it decides to eliminate the human side. 

Moreover, Eradicator makes its place as the main villain in the storyline of the Justice League.The case of Eradicator ends with Batman putting its head into a secure container and placing it in the basement of the hall.


Eradicator’s return will prove it as a matter of time.

Stay safe and stunned with us for more details on this news.


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