Dean Thompson saving Justin’s life in Home and Away

Source: Daily Mail

The UK screens are bound to see Justin Morgan nearly drowning in the sea while Home and Away’s Dean Thompson would be seen rushing towards him to rescue him next week. Justin struggle in the water and this scene is horrifying to Dean (played by Patrick O’Connor) following a day of rows with his partner Leah Patterson-Baker.

In the upcoming episodes on Channel 5, the UK viewers are likely to see Justin’s relationship with Leah (played by Ada Nicodemou) come under strain. This incident takes place following Susie McAllister’s dramatic departure from Summer Bay. The couple is seen blaming each other after they find out that they have been utterly fooled by Susie who has apparently fled from the Bay along with their life savings of $90,000.

Source: Daily Mail

Leah then tries to help Alf (played by Ray Meagher) and Roo Stewart (played by Georgie Parker) as the tension intensifies with their own dramas at the Surf Club. There’s no doubt that the Surf Club would now face serious scrutiny and a possible fraud investigation too, considering that Susie just fled away taking the sponsorship money under such false pretences.

Leah considers the situation at hand and shows her support as Alf and Roo consider their options. However, Justin (played by James Stewart) is purely annoyed with the fact that she is not looking or even focussing on their own problems. Thus, this leads to a row between the pair. In addition to that, Justin crosses paths with Susie’s jilted partner John Palmer (played by Shane Withington) and things even worsen up a little her as he blatantly blames him for everything that has been happening lately.


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