Dear Comrade Tamil Movie Download Kuttymovies

Dear Comrade Tamil Movie Download Kuttymovies
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About the movie Dear Comrade

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Dear Comrade is an Indian Telugu romance-speaking action film released in 2019 by Mythri Movie Makers and Yash Rangineni, produced and directed by Bharat Kamma. The movie stars are Rashmika Mandanna, Vijay Deverakonda, and Shruti Ramachandran.

The movie was started in August 2018 as the primary photograph. The movie was released theatrically in Telugu on 26 July 2019 and in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada as dubbed versions.

Dear Comrade Tamil Movie Download Kuttymovies
Source: YouTube

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Dear Comrade Movie Plot Details

The film starts with the strongly drunken, degraded, and angry Bobby, known as Chaitanya Krishna. He cannot accept that his girlfriend Lilly no longer wants him in her life. The plot now goes back to flashback mode, where Bobby is a left-wing student union leader in Kakinada, where he struggles with serious anger management problems.

Like his grandfather Camarade Suryam, he’s a rebel without a cause. He is fighting against a local politician, Bulliah’s brother, because a girl from his college is trying to suicide against him for repeated torture. He also stays with her mates for a night at the lock-up.

Upon returning, he ran into Lilly, also known as Aparna Devi, which made a minor accident for him, and Bobby took all her money to repair his bike for compensation. He comes back home and learns that Lilly was his childhood friend (cousin of Jaya’s neighbour’s daughter) who came to the wedding of Jaya. Over his early infatuation with Jaya, Lilly keeps teasing Bobby heartily.

Bobby learns during a local cricket match that Lilly is also a cricketer at the state level. He gets entirely impressed by her and begins to fall for her slowly. Lilly watches Bobby get into a heated dispute with a student leader in a small party held in the union’s office for the win of her team, and Bobby is fighting a fist, despite her demands to walk away from him.

Lilly recognises that Bobby has anger management problems and tries to tell him not to fight with others but to deal with and settle disputes internally. She also reveals that Bobby’s campus battles brought back those traumatic memories, and she had a brother who had lost his life in a college campus conflict a few years before. Bobby confesses his love for Lilly during Jaya’s marriage.

But she tells him the two of them have different directions to travel and perhaps he will forget it as soon as she leaves. This refusal can’t be dealt with by Bobby, and without giving his goodbye, Lilly leaves. After she leaves, Bobby cannot stop thinking and goes to Hyderabad all night to meet her and tell her that he would like to be her companion on his journey.

She is reciprocating its thoughts, confessing that she too thought about him a lot. But Bobby says that she’s afraid of him because of the exaggerated assault, but Lilly thinks it’s a small matter and decides to rectify it. Heir love progresses passionately until one fateful day that Bobby is again drawn into a fight with the Brother’s Gang, Bulliah’s brother, slipping into Coma’s unwittingly.

Bulliah gets angry and says to his men to kill Bobby and, when he meets the men of Bulliah on his school campus, he gets critically hurt, seeing all that Lilly is going through and has to face another loss of a loved one. Lilly begins to advise him and beg you to abandon his aggressive trends in peace and tranquilly for his loved ones when he awakens at the hospital.

She gives him an ultimatum to either curb her rage immediately and keep on staying with her or leaving her forever. He feels nobody willing to hear his side of things and drives Lilly out of the hospital in a fit of anger, telling him to go ahead with family and friends. He loses his temper on this demand.

Later Bobby realises his wrong and tries to meet Lilly, but she asks him no more to annoy her and let her go for the better and concentrate on her career. He becomes heartbreaking and leaves his home to move on to his grandfather’s advice and finds his inner peace and faithful comrade. He ends up joining a group of people who work sound healing.

Dear Comrade Tamil Movie Download Kuttymovies
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Dear Comrade Movie Plot Ahead

Bobby learns that Lilly had a National Selection Day accident and is depressed and upset about her psychiatric condition. He sneaks her out of the hospital and takes her on an emotional and physical journey to Kerala. Her leg is cured, and her former cheerfulness begins to return steadily.

He drops her home and runs into the doctor who treated her. The doctor advises her that she seems content outside, but inside she has hidden pain. Bobby rejects this, and when he leaves Lilly, he grants her his Digital Vocal Block if she feels pain at all.

Then both Bobby and Lilly are invited to the marriage of their friends. Bobby’s new maturity impresses Lilly to forgive without effort and party with Bulliah’s brother and his gang. Since she wants to start a life with him, she asks Bobby to marry her.

But Bobby says that her marriage is not urgent and instead calls for her to be physically fit for her career goals. Lilly reveals to his surprise that she left cricket for good. She’s mad at Bobby because she always forces her to get back and go. Lilly thinks more and more that Bobby has lost his passion for her once.

From here, the story goes on further, and Bobby gets to know from a friend of Lily that they had been sexually abused by a head member of the Cricket Association. When Lily disagreed with his wishes, he did not let Lily continue in the team. Bobby forced Lily to stand up against the man, and he beat him up. Lily got scared in the courtroom and denied the charges, which upset Bobby, and he left.

After trying hard, Lily gathered her courage to stand up against the man, and she slapped him. Bobby was incredibly proud of Lily, and they hugged outside the courtroom. They reunite back as lovers, and the story ends on this note.

Dear Comrade Tamil Movie Download Kuttymovies
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Dear Comrade Movie Cast Details

  • As Chaitanya “Bobby” Makineni, Vijay Devarakonda
  • Aparna “Lilly” Devi is Rashmika Mandanna
  • Lilly’s cousin Shruti Ramachandran as Jaya
  • As Ramesh Rao, Raj Arjun
  • Suhas is Martin
  • As Raghu, Vikas
  • Raghu’s mother, Divya Sripada as Anithe
  • Bobby’s grandfather is Charuhasan
  • Anand as the dad of Bobby
  • As the mother of Bobby, Kalyani Natarajan
  • Jonnalagadda Pratyusha as Rubin
  • As the mother of Jaya Tulasi
  • As Lilly’s dad, Sanjay Swaroop
  • Lilly’s mum, Ashrita Vemuganti
  • As Police Officer Srikanth Iyyengar



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