Death Metal: Green Lantern May Have Just Gotten a New Mentor


Death Metal, the latest addition of the DC comics, will be radically different. This comic series holds the crossover between the various unrelated universes of the DCU itself. 

In the new series, Wonder Woman seemed to be more reminiscent of the last days of DCU, not like in the way we imagined.

Is her not bothering about the Quintessential Days just a coincidence that would aid the plot or was her memory altered somehow? We will have to read the comics to know that.

One of the other major changes in the comics was the change of the Green Lantern. Turned out, John Stewart was the one to pass through the portal, not Hal Jordan.

But this was not what Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) recalled. This just strengthens the fan theory of Diana misremembering.

Also, the most famous Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, was also given a new mentor! Guess who? Captain Carrot of the Zoo Crew.

As one may recall, the Zoo Crew is a group of funny, and deceptively powerful groups of animal superheroes. 

And so, we can imagine, how excited it must be watch the pair!What do you think?

Let us know your views on the idea of new mentor! We Hope this news made your day!

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