Death Note:10 best quotes of Ryuk

Death Note:10 best quotes of Ryuk
Death Note:10 best quotes of Ryuk

If you have ever gone through the death note you would realize that Ryuk was a majorly loved being, yes he was loved because thought he followed the policy of non-interference and also was the only one who made his fans laugh out loud!

Here’s a journey through some of his best quotes.

Bored at the Shinigami realm, he spoke “Same Old Thing, Day by Day”, these words were the first spoken lines in the story.

The light had Ryuk’s notebook for a few days, as soon as Ryuk introduced himself, light thought that it was him whom Ryuk has chosen, and this is what Ryuk replied, “ you thought I chose you? Cuz, you’re so smart or something? It just happened to land somewhere around here and you just happened to pick it up.” 

“I can understand because you can buy apples with that money”, these were the words Ryuk used in the issue of the Demegawa dilemma. Ryuk is too addicted to apples and to get them for himself when he is not allowed to, he says, “I twist my body up like a pretzel and do handstands”.

Death Note:10 best quotes of Ryuk
Death Note:10 best quotes of Ryuk

When he unfolded some information to Light that he hadn’t written in the notebook, he said, “give me half of your remaining lifetime, and you can have A Shinigami’s eyes”. When L challenged Kira, he used criminal Kind, Ryuk said, “ Humans are a Riot!”

Other important sayings that have made an impact on the storyline were, “this guys been following every step You take”, “I couldn’t care less whether finding this notebook’s made you happy or unhappy. As a rule, desi humans haunted by Shinigami have nothing but misfortune.”

When Shinigami revealed that he will be killing Light, Ryuk exclaimed that “Death is equal”.

And finally, when Light was caught and he had no one to get back to, everyone betrayed him, Takada died, Ryuk was asked to write their names, Ryuk said,” I told you in the very beginning that I would be the one writing your name in the notebook when you die”.

This was all about A journey through Ryuk’s sayings.

Aren’t they too meaningful?

How much do you like them? 



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