Demarcus Donnell Parker gets two life sentences and 835 years for shooting an Arkansas cop.



  • Demarcus Donnell Parker received two life sentences for shooting an off duty officer.
  • He was charged with multiple felonies and 835 years by the court.
  • Sources say that he was shooting towards the rival gang, but one bullet escaped and hit Oliver Johnson.

Inside Story

Demarcus Donnell Parker fatally shot Officer Oliver Johnson. Reports say that the 25 years old officer was off duty at that time. As per the investigators’ report, Parker was sitting in a vehicle. He fired from his weapon and aimed towards rival gang members. At the same time, a stray bullet entered the officer’s home in West Memphis. It fatally hit Johnson and killed him on the spot.

Parker was accused of unlawful discharge of a firearm from a vehicle in the first degree, murder in the first degree, fifteen counts of unlawful discharge of a firearm from a vehicle in the second degree, as well as 6 counts of attempted murder in the first degree.

The court also gave thirty years for every 6 counts for murdering in the 1st degree and received twenty years for each charge of unlawful discharge. The station also reported that ten extra years were added to his sentence for attempting crime in the presence of a kid. Last Wednesday, the lives of fallen police officers were honored at Arkansas memorial in Little Rock un Southwest of West Memphis.

Investigation Report

The 27 years old Demarcus Donnell Parker has been sentenced to 2 life terms in jail for committing a deadly crime. Moreover, 835 years for shooting 25 years old off duty officer named Officer Oliver Johnson. According to the reports, the court announced his sentences on Tuesday.

Apart from that, Crittenden County, Ark., jury convicted the suspect of murder in the 1st degree. Scott Ellington, who is Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney said that he will also face other charges for the April 2018 killing. After the sentencing, he also added that West Memphis detectives spent several hours to put the murder case file together.

Moreover, the judge listened to the cases of both parties and gave the final verdict. He gave maximum sentences to the defendant and recommended them to run consecutively. Several charges are still pending against George Henderson, who is a co-defendant in the shooting. However, he has pleaded not guilty for the crime.


Parker deserved all of it! Unfortunately, this won’t bring back the young officer to his family and friends, but his closed ones will be relieved that he got justice. May God give strength and support to his family and the ability to move on with their lives. Stay tuned for further updates.


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