Demi Lovato headlining three hour ‘Vote With Us’ virtual rally.


Guess what’s the biggest event in the world that 2020 will be for one more time, apart from the current outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Yes, you have got that correct!

It’s the US Presidential elections. 

And Pop star Demi Lovato along with Justin Bieber has collaborated with a nonpartisan organization in influencing the voters for a Virtual ‘Vote with us’ party.

The event will be a three-hour-long virtual meet, which along with its on-ground 11-day counterpart is seeking to create the highest number of voters for this year’s US presidential election. It has set its goal to influence a large number of young and minority voters.

The event will also focus on early voting in Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Phoenix — as well as highlight the methods and postulates of voting of the candidates. The singer also released a song named ‘Commander in chief’ which has an anti-Trump base.’ 

Actors Mark Ruffalo and Sherry Cola, rappers,  Vic Mensa and Common, and basketball players,  Candice Dupree and Renee Montgomery will be joining Lovato and Bieber in their campaign. The virtual event will also feature former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students Emma González, David Hogg, Jaclyn Corin, and Samantha Fuentes, among others.

The most remarkable statement that Emma made was that we will have to not only vote for ourselves but also for everyone whose rights and basic securities are at risk. 

We wish this campaign spreads awareness among all strata of the society and the new POTUS gets elected in a peaceful way.

What are your views, dearest fellas?


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