Demi Lovato Past Decisions Still Embarrasses Her

Demi Lovato Past Decisions Still Embarrasses Her
Demi Lovato Past Decisions Still Embarrasses Her

It’s the 21st century and stars haven’t kept their personal life a secret. Recently Demi Lovato made a confession about her mistakes in the past, which became viral on the internet.

Demi Lovato suffered from a drug overdose medical issue in 2018 when she relapsed after six years of sobriety. However, she s grateful for the experience that changes her completely.

She made a statement where she is making her own mistakes highlighted on the internet and also said that “It’s OK to be not Ok”, the year 2020 was not great for anyone so far. People have their own highs and lows similarly I have so but the tough part was that I have lost several people this year.

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After all her confession on Instagram, she also wrote that she is looking forward to her life and doesn’t want to do these mistakes ever again in her life, these mistakes taught her life lessons that she going to never forget.

Demi Lovato Past Decisions Still Embarrasses Her
Demi Lovato Past Decisions Still Embarrasses Her

Furthermore, though, Demi Lovato, made it pretty clear that she had suffered from mental health and fought against substance abuse that made it pretty evident that she still feels embarrassed even in her present life.

But, during an interview with her on ‘Good morning America, she clarified that now ashamed would not be the right choice of word to express but indeed she feels slightly embarrassed when she thought of awful choice, she had made in the past due to what she was facing that time.

She also said that she thinks that’s natural for anybody that’s you know, made mistakes in their mental illnesses are quite a natural thing for a human being. 

But, at the same time, she also knew that a part of getting rid of her stigma is spreading awareness and talking about the mistakes that she has done in her past.


Life is indeed all about choices, however, how we learn and turn it for good use is what makes us skillful. The effort of a well-known singer, Devi Lovato of sharing her experience with the intention of spreading awareness does need an appreciation.

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