Demon’s Souls: How to Pause the game


If you have any information about the Dark Souls then you will surely be aware of The Demon souls. Yes I am definitely talking about the PlayStation 5’s game. There’s a lot of craziness happening around and Demon souls presents us a lot of new features. There’s no any pause button in the game but the player’s actions to pause is readily apparent. 

A precursor to the famous Dark souls demon’s souls is a creation by From software, similar to the game types like Blood borne and Sekiro- Shadows die twice. The players get to experience a challenging game play, twists and turns bonanza, there are also great opportunities to take in the environment. The game is very happening and the boss fights tend to become memorable ones. 

Now the main question that needs to be answered is how can a player pause the game.

There’s a pause button in many of the games but in the demon’s souls it’s a bit sneaky to find the pause button. The main way to pause the game is to get into the photo mode. Photo mode has a number of features and Camera angles but it can act an as offensive tool and can bring any plan to a halt. To get to photo mode while playing one has to push to the right side of PS5’s Dual sense pad which will take you to the tool belt. Then on the far right side photo mode gets located. One will have to follow up with the instructions for further operations.

The demon’s souls seems to be quite interesting, isn’t it?


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