Denise Welch says why she once ended up walking off in tears from Coronation Street set.

Source: Daily Star

Loose female panellist Denise Welch revealed that she had left Coronation Street because she had been sexist. Denise, who performed Natalie Horrocks on the serial yesterday, talked about weeping with her friends Ruth Langsford, Gloria Hunniford and Carol McGiffin.

“Once upon a time, many years ago, a director was quite disrespectful to me – actually on Corrie,” she started. “I walked away only twice in my life, and I’m not ‘Diva Den’.”

Source: The Mirror

“I would have a million times rehearsing and wondering if we would have a rehearsal with the players, saying ‘My dear, don’t you worry about it with your precious little brain.’

“After all, we were in my cupboard room when you were ready to apologise.” She added, “I felt the stinging tears, but its stinging rage tears, and I said. It’s been my moment of diva.”

Then Carol showed her Denise support and added: “And completely right too!” In the meanwhile, she appears in Hollyoaks as Trish Minniver, a dance professor.

In October 2020, she signed a one-year contract and described her character as “the dream of an actress.” Both ITV Coronation Street and Loose Women are broadcasting while Channel 4 and E4 are over at Hollyoaks.

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