Derry Girls has been confirmed to end after series three.


“Derry Girls,” a popular Channel 4 comedy set in 1990s Northern Ireland, will end after Season 3 next year, creator Lisa McGee announced on Twitter on Thursday.

Season 3, which is currently in production, will be the final season of the show, but a trilogy of seasons was always the plan, according to McGee.

“It was always the intention to say good-by after three seasons. ‘Derry Girls’ is a coming-of-age story that follows five ridiculous teenagers as they slowly…very slowly…start to become adults, while the place they call home changes around them and Northern Ireland enters a new, more hopeful phase — which was a small, magical window of time,” McGee wrote. “’Derry Girls’ is a love letter to my hometown and the people who shaped me. It has been an honour to write it, and I will be eternally proud of everything it has accomplished.

I’d like to express my gratitude to the people of Derry and Northern Ireland for their support. Thanks also to the series’ production team, Hat Trick Productions, and a special thanks to Channel 4 — the channel I grew up watching, the channel that inspired me to write comedy, and the only channel that could have produced our show.”

Cast of “derry girls”

“Derry Girls” stars Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Nicol Coughlan, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, and Dylan Llewellyn as teenagers navigating their youth during Northern Ireland’s turbulent political era of The Troubles, while also attending an all-girls Catholic school. Tara Lynne O’Neill, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Siobhan McSweeney, Tommy Tiernan, Ian McElhinney, and others round out the cast.

“Who knows if Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle, and James will return in another guise someday, but for now, this is it for us, and we’re excited to start filming this series with our incredible cast and crew to hopefully take our loyal fans on one last adventure,” McGee wrote.

Channel 4 had already ordered Season 3 of “Derry Girls,” but the pandemic has caused a delay. Season 2 premiered in March of 2019. After being released on Netflix, the show gained international acclaim, and it was nominated twice for best scripted comedy at the BAFTA TV Awards.


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