Designated survivor 4 Latest Updates


A show with terrifying plots super striking actors, Designated Survivor is an American political drama created by David Guggenheim that has thrown seasons with 21,22,10 episodes respectively in each season the first two seasons were aired by American broadcasting company and the third season by Netflix. The series also comes under the genre of conspiracy thriller.

A planned plotted disaster that claims the lives of the president and all others in the line of succession of the president becomes a life turning incident for the low-level cabinet member who is the secretary of housing and urban development Thomas Kirkman. Soon after the explosion which destroys the Capitol building and kills many Thomas Kirkman is sworn in as the president of the United States without being aware of what the feature holds for him.

The plot showcases how Thomas Kirkman leads the country and struggles to keep his family from being impacted and also in leading the efforts to search and find out who was responsible for the attack. Kirkman, contrary to the general expectation is portrayed as an independent neutral apolitical man.Though the series starts with a lot of curiosity and interesting scenes it slowly loses its chance and drains the interests of the viewers with lots of flaws in the storyline. 

Designated survivor 4 Latest Updates

For instance, the initial few episodes show his family and kids who are dropped and never shown on any later episodes and similar who hold positions of authority in White House are all in their twenties and thirties which again keeps the viewers thinking why is that who support Kirkman is so young and no experience people. Kiefer Sutherland plays the protagonist, Thomas Kirkman, the president of the United States and Natasha McElhone plays Alex Kirkman the First Lady of the United States. In season 2 Alex gets killed after the truck crashes into a motorcycle she was traveling in. 

Adam Canto plays the role of the Vice President of USA Aaron Rivera shore. Italia Rica as Emily Rhodes, the spokesperson of Kirkmans presidential campaign. LA Monica Garrett as Mike Ritter a secret service agent in season 1 & 2 plays their parts beautifully. Much to the disappointment of the fans of the thriller story Designated Survivor, Netflix has cancelled the next season though the earlier seasons would be aired.


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