‘Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’ expansion has been delayed until 2022


The following Destiny 2 development will not be delivered for this present year. Bungie says it’s deferring The Witch Queen to 2022, mostly because of difficulties emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With COVID-19 getting us far from the workplace, and the enormous measure of work on our plates, we expected to move the date to ensure that both the current year’s updates and The Witch Queen were both conveyed at the quality we take a stab at, and on a timetable that seemed well and good for everybody included,” collaborator game chief Joe Blackburn composed. The studio likewise acknowledged it needs to add another part after Lightfall (the extension that was initially gotten ready for 2022) to balance the “main adventure of Destiny.”

Bungie was at that point thinking about moving the yearly extensions to the principal half of the year, to a great extent for “the soundness of the group.” The effect of COVID-19, alongside the intricacy of The Witch Queen and different plans the studio has for 2021, obviously settled on that decision simpler.

On the other side, Blackburn uncovered some certain news for Destiny 2 parts in his post. Bungie is as yet on target to add cross-play this year. He said the studio will do alpha tests during Season 14 with the point of turning out cross-play to everybody when Season 15 beginnings in the fall. The studio will not match PC and comfort players together except if those on PC welcome companions from different stages to assemble up with them.

As of Season 14, Bungie will backtrack on a disliked specialist that it brought to Destiny 2 as a component of a year ago’s Beyond Light development (which was likewise postponed several months). The studio got a sunsetting framework, by which it adequately gave each weapon and piece of plunder (except exotics) a lapse date, as Kotaku notes. It was not, at this point conceivable to expand the force of things a year after they were presented.

The point was to better adjust to the game and prevent certain weapons from getting overwhelmed. Players can in any case utilize sunsetted gear for watches and different exercises where the force level doesn’t make any difference much, however, those weapons are undeniably less valuable in assaults.

“This is a major change for Destiny and one that we didn’t make gently,” Blackburn composed. “Notwithstanding, we accept there’s nothing more significant in Destiny than getting our prizes right.” Bungie will investigate alternate methods of making “a new and balanceable environment for our most optimistic substance,” yet it’s probably not going to declare another arrangement to do that until after The Witch Queen.

Blackburn addressed a couple of different focuses in his extensive post, including Bungie’s arrangement to handle con artists — it’s multiplying the size of its security group this year, for a certain something. He likewise uncovered early idea craftsmanship (presented above) for one of the Witch Queen reinforcement sets.


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