Details about Blackbird film: Susan Sarandon Previews the Humor of Amazon’s Moving film



  • Susan Sarandon talks about the humor brought by the director in the film.
  • The film revolves around a mother who is going to die after the family get-together.
  • Sources reveal that this film is a Danish film remake.

Inside Story

Family get-togethers can be barrel filled with gunpowder, and everybody hides their anger and jealousy beneath their sweet smiles. Moreover, anything can ruin a simple reunion. However, sometimes, all it takes one word that can lit up the situation in a fire.

The situation is a bit similar in the new Blackbird film, where Connecticut matriarch Lily (Susan Sarandon) has a disease called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and she decides to take her own life after spending her last reunion with her family. 

The cast of the movie includes Sam Neill as Lily’s husband Paul, Kate Winslet as Jennifer, Mia Wasikowska as Anna, Bex Taylor-Klaus as Chris, Rainn Wilson as Michael, and many others.

Recently, Susan Sarandon stated that Director Roger Michell brought a lot of humor to this film. She also added that it wasn’t as emotional as it seems. She recalls Lily trying to make her family act normal. Apart from that, the character also asks her family to use their money on hookers and drugs. You can watch the official trailer of Blackbird below.

More details about Blackbird

Blackbird is an American flick and a remake of a Danish movie named Silent Heart. The story revolves around a woman who decides to say goodbye to her very own life. During her final days, she wants a family gathering, and she gets what she wants. Many viewers have given positive reviews about the film and mostly praised the actors’ performances and the director.

You might think what is so special about a woman who is dying brings her family together and decides to spend one last weekend with them. Well, it brings out several emotions in the film. If you think it is her sweet farewell to her family, then you might want to rethink it.

The ones present at the gathering despise each other from within. What will happen when their bubble bursts? 

Their family gathering will become more dramatic. This touching film shows how the characters try to heal and process their feelings.


One thing we can learn from this film is that leaving matters unresolved can leave a big impact on the woman’s family. If you are wondering where to stream then we have got you covered. You can stream and watch the complete movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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