Detective Pikachu 2: Why The Highly Demanded Sequel Didn’t Release Yet?


Welcome back to another exciting update.

This good read will let you meet Detective Pikachu, which is loved by audiences all over the world, children, and adults and was jam-packed with action, mystery, adventure, and comedy.

Pikachu has been one of our favorite animes and news of a detective adaptation, which was released in 2019, of the Nintendo game just was excellent for us and we can only hope for a sequel to it. Continue reading to know all about a possible sequel.

Detective Pikachu 2: RELEASE DATE

We cannot predict the dates for release yet as no confirmation has been made on the producers’ part.

Although any official statement about a possible release date has not been, looking at the shooting and production time for the first movie we cannot expect a sequel anywhere even in late 2020. We can only guess a hopeful 2021 release for the second movie.

Detective Pikachu 2: CAST

Given the intense appreciation for Pikachu, it is highly likely that Ryan Reynolds will return as Detective Pikachu. Along with Ryan, we can expect the cast from the first movie including Ikue Ōtani as Detective Pikachu’s normal voice and Harry Goodman as Tim’s missing father who is also a detective.

The other cast members that we can presume to be returning to the sequel would be Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, Max Fincham as Young Tim Goodman, Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens, Suki Waterhouse as Ms. Norman/Ditto, Omar Chaparro as Sebastian, Chris Geere as Roger Clifford,

Rita Ora as Dr. Ann Laurent, Karan Soni as Jack, Josette Simon as “Grams,”, Ken Watanabe as Detective Hideo Yoshida, Bill Nighy as Howard Clifford, Rina Hoshino and Kotaro Watanabe and finally Rachael Lillis as our very favorite Jigglypuff.

Detective Pikachu 2: PLOT

Although there is not a trailer that has been released for the movie yet we have some of our deductions about a plotline for the long-awaited sequel.

The first movie revolved around Tim’s efforts to find his missing father and how Pikachu helps him in his mission to do so. The movie shows how Tim is able to understand Pikachu and while others can’t, by the end of the movie, and owing to the “evolution” experiment it is made apparent why.

As detective Pikachu no longer exists, what will happen in the sequel is left a mystery. Will someone be fused again? It would probably be centered around Tim, Harry nad Pikachu solving yet another mystery

We love Pikachu! He is really adorable and his “pika pika” has us melting every time we see him. We have always loved the anime from our childhood and the Nintendo games and other games.

Which was your favorite Detective Pikachu moment? Are you excited about the possibility of a sequel and the time around? Let us know your views!

For more exciting updates from the franchise stay tuned with us.



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