Dexter Is Re-established For Season 9 – With Original Star Michael C Hall!


HI Folks! Feeling great to have you back in our newsy world! Crime series acts like a booster to our mind, it sharpens our mind and vanish our boredom life. Today, we’re back with a thrilling dramatic series full of suspense and criminal practices named Dexter, which is coming back for another killing spree to entertain us in this hardcore quarantine life. 

Dexter is a popular American crime drama series which ran from 2006 to 2013 and had released eight thrilling seasons from which first season was derived from novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. This psychological mysterious show is developed by James Manor Jr. now its time for season 9 which is on the way!

What about the Synopsis!

This is the thrilling, dark-comedy, police procedural series in which Dexter Morgan is the main villainous protagonist who works for the fictitious Miami-Metro Police Department and alongside is a vigilant serial killer. 

In the final season Dexter faking his death and living secretly with a new identity after wrecking his boat and escaping from a hospital with his sister’s dead body named Debra, who had been shot and left his son and hubby in Argentina.

 Storyline of the upcoming season is still packed in a box, but as per the information, Dexter will be seen in a new thrilling look! 

What about airing!

The pack of first eight seasons were released between 2006-13 and now after seven years, this serial killer drama series got a revival on 14th October 2020, announced by the Showtime president Gary Levine. 

It’s confirmed that the show consists of ten blockbusting episodes but the firm premeired date isn’t revealed yet because the filming of the ninth season hasn’t begun yet! 

According to the directory team of Dexter, the tentative plan to air season 9 is sometime in the autumn of 2021 only if the ongoing scenario doesn’t disturb the filming! 

What about Casting!

The main protagonist of the whole show is Michael C Hall who characterized as Dexter Morgan, and luckily he has signed on to reprise the title role in brand-spanking ten upcoming episodes. It’s a special series and love by fans just because of tow reasons, first one is the great script and the last one is because of the mind-blowing acting of fabulous Michael C Hall. 

The last released eight seasons wasn’t appreciated and panned by the fans but this time they has come fully prepared and definitely redeem! Rest, Desmond Harrington will play the role of Joey Quinn, C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka, David Zayas as Angel Batista, James Remar as Harry Morgan and many more will be seen with their tremendous performance!

So dear viewers, get ready to watch the upcoming thrilling, murderous show’s ninth instalment and share your experience with us.


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