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Located in Florida, Showtime’s Dexter – based on a series of Jeff Lindsay’s novels – followed Dexter Morgan, a forensic and serial killer, to kill those who he thought had avoided true justice. When the programme first out in 2006, Showtime was a tremendous sensation, but by the time it wrapped off in 2013, many people thought that Dexter had lost its edge. Almost a decade later, though, Dexter will have another opportunity to make his impact on TV fans by restoring Showtime to the series.

Dexter avenged Oliver Saxon/The brain surgeon, at the end of season eight on Debra Morgan’s loss. Afterwards, during a hurricane, he took her body on his boat and buried her at sea. Dexter was allegedly dead in the storm yet survived as a lumberjack far away from Florida. The love interest of Dexter and the serial killer herself was placed in the care of Hannah McKay her kid, Harrison Morgan.

The Dexter Season 9 plot is yet unknown. However, the teasers have found that Dexter works in the Iron Lake, New York, under the supposed identity “Jim Lindsay,” as a sales associate for a fish and game supply shop. We know he will also face Kurt Caldwell, described as “the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake little town.

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He accomplished the American dream by moving from large platforms to buy several trucks and the local truck stop, just like his father did. He is a powerful and generous man of the people. Everybody adores him. Consider yourself blessed if he has your back. But if you go over Kurt or damage anybody, God will help you.”

Besides Michael C. Hall, for Season 9, no one from Dexter’s primary cast has been approved. Nevertheless, despite his death in season four, John Lithgow will resume his role as Arthur Mitchell/The Trinity Killer. In addition, Julia Jones, as police officer Angela Bishop, Alano Miller as Iron Lake police sergeant and wrestling coach assistance Logan are new cast members.

The actual crime podcasters Jamie Chung are also present: Molly, Oscar Wahlberg, Captain Zach for high school wrestling; Johnny Sequoyah, daughter of the Obispo; and Jack Alcott, Randall.

Showtime has released numerous teasers for Dexter Season 9, revealing the life of the leading serial murderer after the eighth final of the season. Dexter has disclosed the new name and career as the most critical teasers, which you can see above.

There is no official release date for the 10-episode Dexter Season 9 now. Production started in February, though, and is anticipated to end in July. If the dates remain intact, Dexter Season 9 reaches its expected fall release.

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