Dexter to appear in Season 9 as per the teaser trailer dropped by Showtime

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A limited revival series of the Showtime hit Dexter is currently in development and the network has done all good they could to get the fans of the series hyped up by making a smart move. Dropppinh the new teaser trailer has definitely got all the fans more than excited about the upcoming project of the network.

You may still have the taste of that legendary disappointing series finale in your mouth but this latest clip shared by the network is sure to wash that taste off your mouth! If you have watched the clip, the most exciting news would be seeing Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall) back on field. But the more interesting fact is not only is he back but it seems that he would possibly hold tight to his good old tricks this time.

Source: YouTube

A 30-second glimpse of the revival of the series was dropped by Showtime on April 29 on their official Twitter account. The audience witnessed the song “Don’t Let Me Be” being played in the background. We get acquainted with a far cry from Dexter’s former home of Miami as the camera slowly moves along a snowy field with some barren trees. Before coming in through the window, we do get a glimpse of a fire burning outside.

And it is then that a reflection forms in the glass which apparently reveals Dexter’s face staring out into the wintery day, wrapped in plastic writhing on the ground. And there pops in a twinkling sound effect that has Dexter facing the camera, smiling notoriously at it, and then lifting his brow. Thus the question about whether Dexter would make it to the next installment or not seems to have been settled here!


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